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At present, the revival of the ancient Dzongpa tradition has only been partial. One of the main
reasons is the limited funding and lack of space and resources needed to support the education
and practice the community wishes to have available.


However, a beautiful and conducive plot of land in Arunachal Pradesh has been made available
to realise this vision, and it will be all the more valuable as it will also serve the needs of the local community.


With your support, we can build a truly precious centre of learning and spiritual development that
will ensure the preservation of the Dzongpa tradition and provide immense benefit for the Buddhist community.


Higher Education

His Eminence has expressed that one of the key aspects of this vision is for the temple to include an academy to specialise in the higher studies of Tibetan language, literature and dialectics. It is hoped that this will involve classes for monastic residents as well as a nearby campus for laywomen and laymen.

Such facilities will then be a huge asset for the higher education of Tibetan, local Arunachali and other students from the Himalayan regions, as well enabling research and publication of important Tibetan Buddhist texts, and creating the lasting legacy of more qualified scholars and teachers.



It is planned for the temple to be 24.4 x 30.48 meters (80 x 100 ft) and comprised of four stories.
Ground level: library, classrooms, area for printing sacred texts. First floor: main Shrine Hall with capacity for 250 persons and Protector Shrine. Second floor: living quarters for senior resident
and visiting Lamas. An open courtyard centre covered by the top floor roof. Third level: White Tara Shrine; remaining deck area open on all sides, covering the courtyard below.


Adjacent to this with be living quarters for the monks, plus kitchen, canteen and other facilities,
and nearby will be a home to a sector for lay and international students, pending architectural
plans. Every effort will be made to use modern solar technology that will not only produce electricity and hot water to reduce costs and support the environment, but also heat the building during the coldest months.


Establishing the Dzongpa lineage in Arunachal Pradesh

Gongkar Dorje Dhen

Be a part of building the foundations for keeping a vital part of Tibetan Buddhist culture alive, providing the chance for a
higher education for many and
creating a truly sacred space...

The practices of the new temple are dedicated to the long life and the realisation of the vision of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, H.H. the Sakya Trizin, and for the benefit of all sentient beings. The new Temple will also house the revival of the printing of sacred texts and establish a school for Tibetan language and literature.